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I have been thrilled to see Susan and her team working alongside our residents over the past few years to transform our yard into a beautiful work of art. Several of our current and past residents have put his or her special touch on our many perennial gardens. Susan has cultivated more than just a beautiful scenic yard. She has made special memories for staff, family, and friends. What I appreciate most about working with Susan and her team is their ability to encourage and engage residents. Susan is conscientious in keeping everyone happy, and creating a beautiful scenic retreat for all to enjoy. The scenery I personally enjoy the most is everyone working together. The happiness touches everyone's heart in some way.

Michael Knight

Executive Director

Memory Care community in Richardson, Texas

The Horticultural Link, under the leadership of Susan Morgan, has lent a hand in increasing the quality of programs offered at the Coppell Senior Center. The program's lessons each month are innovative and fun. Our members leave each month feeling a sense of wellbeing knowing they are still learning at any age. We want to continue to partner with The Horticultural Link to offer such a magnificent program.

Laci McKinney

Coppell Senior and Community Center Manager

Coppell, Texas

Susan Morgan and her team at The Horticultural Link have been absolutely wonderful with our residents! Their creativity is outdone only by their ability to reach the hearts, minds, and senses of all people in all the various stages of their aging. They truly adjust themselves to whichever group they are working with and give them dignity and love along the way. Susan and her team have my strongest recommendation.

Robb S.

Memory Care Community

Turtle Creek, Dallas, Texas

Many times when we start a session, the "climate" of the classroom is subdued and quiet, and some may be sleeping. By the end of the class, there appears to be energy and enthusiasm about creating something! The comments are positive, and they show happiness about what they accomplished and didn’t think they could do it because of stiff fingers, pain in shoulder, etc. HT definitely has a place in services for people with dementia...

Susan motivates and inspires the special populations she works with. Her patience and compassion for the therapeutic horticulture program participants, as well as her volunteers, is amazing. When she introduces the activity, she engages conversation easily as she asks questions at their level and reinforces their responses even if they are a bit shy, reserved or quiet... As a retired counselor using play therapy, art and music therapy, I would have loved to incorporate horticulture therapy if I had been aware of this area.

Gloria Tidrow

School counselor for children with disabilities (retired)

Therapeutic Horticulture program volunteer

Dallas, Texas

The joy seen on the residents' faces when Susan and her team of volunteers arrive for a program is incredible. Susan has such an engaging style so very soon even the most challenging resident is listening to what she says and is able to follow along with the session and gets something produced! I have seen many times when a resident's caregiver or family member is completely amazed that the senior begins to join in with something for the first time, that they begin to use a hand that they haven't used in years, that they become focused when that has been so hard to do before, to be patient, to have fun and to smile!

Paul Edwards

Therapeutic Horticulture program volunteer

Dallas, Texas