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American Horticultural Therapy Association

Chicago Botanic Garden

Environmental Psychology Laboratory, University of Michigan

Horticultural Therapy Institute

International People-Plant Interaction Resource Center - Human Issues in Horticulture

International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine

Kansas State University

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

People Plant Council

The Children and Nature Network

The Landscape and Human Health Laboratory, University of Illinois

Therapeutic Landscapes Network


Articles and Videos

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Why nature is therapeutic.

Gardens can have positive effects on dementia patients.

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Dirt can make you happy.

Is dirt the new Prozac?

On the sunny side, nurses dispense better care.

Horticulture therapy heals the mind, body, spirit (video by Robert Bornstein, HTR)

Horticultural therapy at Skyland Trail (video by Libba Shortridge, HTR)

Horticulture as therapy (video)

Craig's healing gardens (HT program for people with spinal cord or brain injuries at Craig Hospital)

Here's how to reap mental, physical rewards of gardening.

Horticulture program gives patients more than a green thumb. (video featuring Leah Diehl, HTM)

Digging deep (video about program at San Diego juvenile justice system with Joni Gabriel)

AHTA Position Paper

Research by the Landscape and Human Health Laboratory, University of Illinois

Research and resources from the Children and Nature Network

Further reference citations at Therapeutic Landscapes Network